Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Zouk Cafe & Bar, Gardens

Another Cafe+Bar concept outlet joined the ever-growing F&B at The Gardens, Mid Valley City. This one stood out from the crowd since it's an offspring of Zouk which is the Zouk Cafe & Bar~~ Having run out of ideas on where to chill over a drink on a Saturday night, my friends & I decided to try this out^^

Managed to grab a nice-cushion seat with good view to click-click my camera away^^

The contemporary design is simple yet nice~~

Cheers to a great Saturday!!

I forgotten what's its name......but definitely looks nice~~


  1. Great place to chill! I didn't know about it until now. That last dessert pic looks yummmy....

  2. Yup, check it out if u'r wondering where to chill^^