Monday, January 17, 2011

Le Vain Boulangerie

The moment I read about this place from a blog, I was adamant to try it out!! With its beautiful French countryside-mansion+cottage-styled facade couple with yummy-licious pastries which is a favourite of mine, I've no reason not to be tempted to Le Vain Boulangerie.

I went on a Saturday afternoon and upon reaching, I can already see a steady stream of crowd. Peoples are flocking to this place!! The carpark was full and we had to park a distance away.

This was taken after the lunch crowd dwindled.

Pastries fresh from the oven^^

My ideal lunch^^

Even the upper-floor was full to the max. Almost every single table is occupied!!

I wouldn't consider this place for gathering since it's filled with noises with its massive crowd and you'll feel pressured to finish your bite asap since there are always peoples waiting for your table but it's great for a good & brief lunch^^

I wouldn't mind visiting this place again since I wanna try out their pasta~~

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Marmalade Cafe

On a leisure Saturday, sis & I decided to do some replenishment for our wardrobes at Bangsar. Before we begun our mission, we paid Marmalade Cafe a visit to fuel our energy as we anticipated lots of carb-burning walking involved later on.

We actually had some reservation at 1st on whether to choose this cafe over others. However upon seeing all these tempting desserts displayed, we don't need to think twice^^

The setting is real kids-friendly & cosy. Though I'm no kiddo, it's perfect for a laid back luncheon~~~

We loves the colorful mural!! I wish to paint my room like this^^

Since this place is famed for their healthy yummy salad, I assumed we must ordered one!! Havana Salad~~

Their famous carrot cake^^ This is real addictive~~

I've been patronizing the place quite frequent recently and it had a make-over which is equally warm and cosy for a lovely meal^^