Monday, January 17, 2011

Le Vain Boulangerie

The moment I read about this place from a blog, I was adamant to try it out!! With its beautiful French countryside-mansion+cottage-styled facade couple with yummy-licious pastries which is a favourite of mine, I've no reason not to be tempted to Le Vain Boulangerie.

I went on a Saturday afternoon and upon reaching, I can already see a steady stream of crowd. Peoples are flocking to this place!! The carpark was full and we had to park a distance away.

This was taken after the lunch crowd dwindled.

Pastries fresh from the oven^^

My ideal lunch^^

Even the upper-floor was full to the max. Almost every single table is occupied!!

I wouldn't consider this place for gathering since it's filled with noises with its massive crowd and you'll feel pressured to finish your bite asap since there are always peoples waiting for your table but it's great for a good & brief lunch^^

I wouldn't mind visiting this place again since I wanna try out their pasta~~

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Marmalade Cafe

On a leisure Saturday, sis & I decided to do some replenishment for our wardrobes at Bangsar. Before we begun our mission, we paid Marmalade Cafe a visit to fuel our energy as we anticipated lots of carb-burning walking involved later on.

We actually had some reservation at 1st on whether to choose this cafe over others. However upon seeing all these tempting desserts displayed, we don't need to think twice^^

The setting is real kids-friendly & cosy. Though I'm no kiddo, it's perfect for a laid back luncheon~~~

We loves the colorful mural!! I wish to paint my room like this^^

Since this place is famed for their healthy yummy salad, I assumed we must ordered one!! Havana Salad~~

Their famous carrot cake^^ This is real addictive~~

I've been patronizing the place quite frequent recently and it had a make-over which is equally warm and cosy for a lovely meal^^

Monday, December 27, 2010

"Her World" 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner

One word to sum up the Gala Dinner hosted by Her World magazine in conjunction with its 50th anniversary~ a truly extravagant affair~~~ It's held at the middle of the city which is Hilton KL's grand ballroom.

Upon reaching the floor, we're guided through a walk down the memory lane with the covers of all its previous issues put together into a giant masterpiece. A truly magnificent memorabilia~~

As usual, all the invitees are to strike a pose for the camera~~

We also had our fair share of walking down the red carpet moments^^

For their 50th anniversary, they decided to make it big by paying tribute to 50 strong & influential ladies who have either made tremendous contributions to the society or left a a marked impact!!! They include women like Datuk Nicol David, Datuk Michelle Yeoh, Ivy Josiah which is the executive director of Women's Aid Organization, Datin Paduka Mother Mangalam which is president of Pure Life Society etc etc etc

Each and every one of them was featured here at the cocktail lounge for us to admire upon~~

When most of the participants arrived, we're invited to be comfortably seated inside the ballroom which was decorated with beautiful chandeliers~~~The setting was elegant & glamorous ~~

Besides being treated to a sumptuous meal, we're also entertained by plenty of great performances which include the famous SHOUT musical starring our very own vocal diva Ning Baizura, Tria Aziz, Tisha Zarina, Shanel Shanty, Stephanie Van Driesen and the lovely Joanna Bessey. With such a powerful casts, the show was indeed a highly entertaining and amazing one^^

The main course~~ I opted for salmon~~

With my pretty colleagues^^

With dear Eunice~~

And lovely Shirley^^

Monday, December 20, 2010

25th BuRfDay @ The Pearl of Asia Part II

On the final at Hong Kong, we headed to one of the must-visit place at HK which is "The Peak"!! Before reaching there, we passed by the infamous Bank of China Tower which according to feng shui, the sharp edges of the triangular prisms are bad for the surrounding buildings.

I just love the dense skyscrapers^^

I always marvel at tall buildings with avant-garde architecture~~

Boarding the peak tram to climb up to 396 metres above sea level^^

The famous Wax Museum in Hong Kong~~

So happy to find Bubba Gump here^^ I'm determined to pose with the famous Forrest Gump's shoes in every country that I'm going to visit *hopefully*!!! So far I only have 2 in my list^^

The Peak Tower which is an iconic architecture in HK~~~

At the Sky Terrace which offers 360-degree panoramic viewing platform^^ The view is stunning and breathtaking!!!

After descending The Peak, we went for some final shopping spree at The Landmark at Central& Pacific Place at Admiralty^^

I like this birdnest-like roof of the cafe~~

Before heading back to Malaysia, we still managed to grab a bite at the Hong Kong International Airport before we bid the vibrant city, BYE BYE~~~

Sunday, December 5, 2010

25th BuRfDay @ The Pearl of Asia

I've sort out made a pact with myself to spend my birthday overseas every year after my 23th birthday since I've run out of creative idea on how to celebrate it locally and I'm not really the throw-a-big-burfday party kinda person. I always preferred a few small & intimate celebration separately with close friends & family. Last year, thanks to that special-someone, I managed to fulfilled my wish at Bali This year, zillion thanks again to that really special guy in my life for a pampering & soothing retail-therapy trip to HONG KONG!!!

#Day 1

Upon touching down at of the most vibrant city in the world, we checked into Cityview Hotel at Kowloon. After we refreshed ourselves, our 1st mission was to fill up our stomach as it's already dinner time. Just right opposite the hotel, there is a row of shops with plenty of diners. This was the 1st time I've been to Hong Kong and it's really like how I always watched in those HK drama where it's so convenient that everything is within walking distances.

We opted for this particular restaurant that seems to be patronized by quite a number of HK celebrities with all the cut-out newspaper as proof. I was like, "Let's go inside!!" without second thought.

The restaurant itself is also something we always see on TV where it's real pack. It's almost fully occupied and we're seated at the back corridor leading towards the kitchen which is quite narrow.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the food as this is the 1st time I tasted beef ball with white radish.

Besides beef ball, we also tasted the pork ball...

Caught him sipping on his favourite "milk tea"^^

One of their recommended dish which I can't really recall what's it...but I do remember it tasted good...*this is what happened when we blog several months later* *blush*

While having dinner, we're figuring out where to head next. Since the night was still young, we decided to check out the happening Lan Kwai Fong. Since it's our 1st night there, we're having dilemma as to opt for the bus or MTR. We decided to seek the advice of one of the waitress but hilariously, she started asking among her co-workers and replied "I also don't know, I seldom go to HK Island". We found it a bit ironic but I guessed the scenario happens here in M'sia where a lot among us never been to some iconic places of our country.

Anywhere, we managed to find our way to..."TA-DA"~~

The famous street I watched since young from those HK drama....It's like the must-pose location for peoples that have been there^^

After walking for quite some distances, we sat down for a chilling drink and engrossed ourselves with people-watching & absorbed the aura of the vibrant night-life there.

After recharging our energies, we continued to walk till SoHo where there are rows of swanky and stylish clubs, pubs and restaurants where a lot of tourists and expats were on the razzle on a Saturday night....

At the Central-Mid-Levels Escalator which is the world's longest outdoor covered escalator!!!

One of the posh restaurant with distinctive decor there....

#Day 2

The next morning, having foreseen that it'll be a full hectic day with a lot of walking, we begun our day with a hearty wholesome breakfast at one of their very common cafeteria^^

The set is really value for $$ considering its portion....

Their famous pork bun....

After breakfast, we headed straight to Causeway Bay which is highly recommended by some of my friends for its shopping paradise.

Spotted this bakery with oh-so-tempting pastries!!!!!!

Unique 3D display in Time Sq~~~

Fresh-from-the-oven egg tarts which tasted yummy!!

They have so many delicacies to feast on the street^^We barely had lunch since we're too busy shopping and munching away with all these hawker's fares.

At the Lee Gardens~~~

where I bumped into DONNIE YEN in the entrance!!!!!!! He was like walking past me and I only realized when I turned to look back. I guess it's a common thing in HK to bump into celebrity all the times but then again...DONNIE YEN!!! He's a superstar!!

After walking & shopping for hours at Causeway Bay till our feet numb, we made a last stop at Coach for some serious shopping affair!!!

Before we continued on to the next destination, we refueled our energy with some light food~~

This statue is unmistakeably one of the most iconic symbol of HK^^We had to wait for our turn to take picture since too many peoples were taking pic with it....

At Victoria Harbour anticipating the A Symphony of Light Show that is on everyday at 8pm.The beautiful skyline of Hong wonder it's the Pearl of Asia....The night scenery is amazing^^

How can I miss taking photo at the famous Avenue of Stars :P

The very well-known "The Peninsula" hotel for its splendor, grandeur and of course, stunningly expensive price.

A very busy junction between Nathan Road & Salisbury Road at Tsim Sha Tsui.....

We stopped by this cafeteria that seems to cater to mostly tourist for some dinner. We were actually looking for something more "localized" but were too lazy to walk further =="

After a full dinner, we still managed to replenish our body with some fibers and sweet chocolate cake for my Burfday^^

#Day 3

We decided to venture out to Mong Kok for some delightful breakfast. We're tempted to try this neighbor-friendly cafeteria out by its typical traditional-styled setting.

Glutinous rice with waxed sausage a.k.a "lap cheong" that tasted so-so to us despite its yummy appearance~~

"Chee cheong fun".....Honestly I've tasted better at M'sia~~

One of the must-try in HK is of course the Polo Bun!!

Meet up with Penelope, my dear friend who also happened to be at HK at the same time^^We decided to do some girlie-shopping at Mong Kok!!! Having been to HK many times, she became my tour guide~~

At Langham Place~~

This shop is filled with loads of ohh-sooooo-cute soft toys!!

Next, we went to Citygate Outlet for some serious shopping therapy!!! They have outlet for brands from Nike, Adidas & Esprit to Burberry, Coach etc...All with cheaper price tags!!

Citygate Outlet which is located at Tung Chung is a bit distant from the city hence it's not as jammed & packed as everywhere else in HK and more spacious with greenery~~
We had dinner at their version of Food Republic overlooking the beautiful hill-view^^

This is so yummy!!

Bf ordered this which is equally yummy too!!

After dinner, we headed to ifc mall which is famed for its world-class shopping experiences~~It seems that most of them just finished work in the Central District area and are mostly clad in branded suits & dresses~~ We felt a bit out of place with our casual-tourist-wears^^

Like the setting of one of the shop here~~

This is the 1st time I've seen so many colorful macaroons!!!

Both of us being an ice-cream addict, we must try out some here!! Tried this i-Scream and I would say it's great!! The texture is so smooth and soft~~Yummy!! After a long day, we decided to call it a day and went back for a good rest before a full-day ahead for the next & final day at Hong Kong!!!