Monday, January 18, 2010

Palate Palette

It's another of those laid-back Thursday in which the TGIF's mood is drifting in the air...A perfect mood for a casual dinner and catching up at places like Palate Palette Restaurant & Bar located at Changkat Bt Bintang^^ I always love the "terrace house/semi-bungalow turn restaurant" concept~~

I like the rather kinky design.......

Creative graffiti for an art-idiot like me^^

However, it's not too spacious...It can only house a few tables but they do have double-storey which might be closed for dining if they have screening or something...........

The spiral staircase leading to the 2nd storey..........

Just in case you guys are wondering why you all see so much of Caesar salad in my blog, i kinda made a pact to try as much Caesar salad as possible from different restaurants as I'm BIG fan of it^^

Chicken lasagna which tastes very good to me........

Palate Palette Restaurant & Bar
21, Jalan Mesui,
Off Jalan Nagasari,
50200, Kuala Lumpur.

Monday, January 11, 2010


The other day my friends were asking me "Where is this place that you went that day??" My answer is "RAHSIA".....Funnily, they answered " Why so secretive??"....Haha, And I said "That place is really called Rahsia!!" Well, i don't blamed them, this fine restaurant do indeed has a catchy name. Rahsia is located at the secluded Jalan Damai where you can find many fine dining restaurants including The Basil Leaf. This place was practically deserted when I reached there.

This is the Tarmac area which leads us to the restaurant...

Their Terrace area which overlooks the garden.....

The dining hall which is not too spacious but very cosy setting........

We were the only patrons when we reached there~~

Perfect setting for a romantic candlelight dinner I would say~~

I noticed these massive accolades lining their walls...This SKY-ROCKETED my anticipation & expectation on the FOOD!!



Maintaining their reputation till 2006......

The upper level....

The patio area that can only accomodate a few tables....

Bar counter....

The special concoction that tastes yummy!! Asmara~~

Chicken Roulade........Though the portion is small, this dish is quite filling with tender poultry..

Tagliatelle Salmon..Very creamy & yummy^^

All in all, I would say this is a great place for special occasions, e.g: VaLentine's, Anniversary etc etc.....Lovely ambience with good food though the menu don't have too big of a variaties but then again, this's FINE Dining^^

Rahsia Restaurant & Bar
13, Jalan Damai,
55000 KL.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Food Foundry

This place needs no introduction since it's omnipresent in practically every FoodBlogs!!! Having read of many good reviews about it, I finally managed to try it out^^

Nasi lemak according to my friend tasted OK.........

My favourite dish of all time~~Caesar Salad!!!

The must-try item i heard is the Mille Crepe~~A great bite^^

Monday, January 4, 2010

Rootz at Lot 10 Rooftop Garden

Lot 10 Rooftop Garden dubbed Forest in the City was one of the latest buzz in town. It houses a classy restaurant, a happening dance club, a fitness studio & the Actors Studio.......

Very urban yet green landscape~~

You can get a good KL's view from here^^

Celebrity Fitness with glass structured~~Imagine running on the treadmills overlooking the beautiful KL's city skyline....

I just love the city at Night~~

My ultimate mission here is of course to check out the latest trendy club in town~~Rootz Dance Club!! Peoples are already lining up when we reached there on a Friday night~~~~

Chameleon lightning in the entrance....Cool~~

Galz NiGHt OUT!!!

Booze night!!

Great imperial palaces-inspired interior~~~

The club was beginning to fill up with clubbers as the night gets darker.........

Cosy seats.........

Friday, January 1, 2010

Jalan-Jalan Cari MakAN @ Ipoh~~

There has been a few long weekends lately and it's perfect chance for a getaway hunting for food^^Hoo~HOO~~

Mission #1: Of course to the famous "Kong Heng" for its....

Devilish pork satay~~~

Sinful rojak~~

Sinister laksa~~

Ohh~la~la "chee cheung fan"~~

Yum~yum popiah~~

And last for not least, nasty Rojak Sotong Kangkong~~

Mission #2: A must-eat in Ipoh, Ipoh's Chicken Rice!! We opted for this famous "Restoran Ayam Tauke" recommended by the locals....

We're early but already jam-packed with homo sapiens!!

The poached chicken was ohhh~so~smooth^^

The fat bean sprouts~~

Tasty "char siew".....

Mission #3: DimSum!!! I always assumed any dimsum restaurants in Ipoh are better than in KL....The ever famous "FOH San" was already FULL with peoples lining up!!

Hence, we headed to the next-door, " Yoke Fook Mun" which was equally packed with folks but we still managed to find a table~~

Something special for me, "Bird Nest tart"....Though it didnt taste that special to me....

Besides food, we went for some prayers at this old temple......

Mission #4: How could we missed the very smooth "Tao Fu Fa" & soya bean at Funny Mountain!!!

Mission #5: We discovered this place by chance while driving around sight-seeing at night....The "MOven Peak"....Seems to be a very happening place with nice Christmas's decors & ambience^^

Mission # 6: Dry curry mee and.....

Pork-ribs noodles~~~

Mission ended: Returned to KL with a contented stomach but wider waistlines.........