Thursday, April 8, 2010

2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010

A year passed by quickly and the 2nd International Hot Air Balloon Festival was in town again during 18-21 March 2010. Having missed the 1st one last year, I was dead set of going this time around!!

It was held at the beautiful Putrajaya's landscape~~

I went on the Saturday around 5-something in the evening and some crew member was already in the midst of setting up the Hot Air Balloon^^

Participants proudly showing off their ferocious flames upon requests from the public~~

With thunderous applause & standing ovation, they were more than happy to emit more FIRES!!

The event was drawing quite a large number of crowds~~

#1 Nihon...Japan

#2 France...Je t'aime^^ I'm a LEO~~Hehe

#3 Czesc~~Poland

#4 I dunno where is this 1 from....

#5 Look...It's from Belgium^^

#6 Japan again....

#7 USA

#8 Thailand

#9 Our very own Malaysia!!!

#10 Mr. Smiley Face from dunno-which-country......


#12 Netherlands...very colorful & #13 Levi's (this is sooo coool.....I luv this the most^^)

Besides Hot Air Balloon, spotted lotsa mini Cartoon character balloons as well^^Wish to bring home 1 myself but was paiseh (*blush*)

What a sight to behold^^


  1. What a fun post! I missed out on this one, though. The hot air balloons are beautiful!

  2. I believe they'll have it next year too..So don't worry, can go next year^^