Friday, October 22, 2010

Mont Blanc

My sister recently got the invitation to attend the launching of Montblanc's Meisterstuck Diamond writing instrument held at its Pavillion boutique. Upon arrival, we were greeted cordially by their staffs and presented with a little door gift. Although it's a small and intimate event, the turned-up was quite impressive with Adrian Seet being the emcee of the evening.

The new Meisterstuck MontBlanc Diamond is the perfect writing instrument for man with status and a refined taste~~

Honestly, I don't think I will ever walk into a Montblanc boutique if it's not for the least not for the time being....since I couldn't afford a single thing there.....hehehehe.....

Besides marveling over the "star of the evening" and sipping cocktails, there were also a host of fun activities that kept the attendees entertained such as guessing the the number of Montblanc diamond crystal replicas in the glass bowls and the winner walked home with the Meisterstuck diamond masterpiece~~~*envy*

Eagerly filling up the contest form to try my luck as we were also asked to browsed around the boutique and spot any hidden objects that represent Malaysia....what a creative idea^^

Although not all are lucky enough to walk home with any prize, we get to bring home a personal caricature^^ Peoples queuing up for their turn~~

TA-DA!! It's cute but I gotta say I prefer a not-so-distorted portrait of myself though~~

All of us also get to snap a picture with a variety of backdrops to choose from.....I chooses the mighty Taj Mahal^^

After a fun-filled soiree, my sista & I proceeded to have dinner at Pancake House~~

The soup is creamy-licious^^

The pancake is fantastic!! I miss it so much now!!

This dish was great too~~

A fun-filled event + yummy dinner, what a good soiree indeed^^

Friday, October 8, 2010

PaPa's Day @ El Cerdo

My daddy is a big fan of PORK!! Bak kut teh, stewed pork knuckle, char siew, siew yuk~~~Oh boy, all these will definitely cheer him up despite the fact it's not that advisable for his health [--]" Hence in conjunction with Papa's Day, we decided to spoil him a little with some serious PORK gastronomic affair!! My sister suggested the El Cerdo Restaurant@ Changkat Bt Bintang. Eventhough I have heard of it before, I have this habit of doing some background check before patronizing a place whenever I have the times. I find the restaurant's website is cute with the pig's oink sound in the background^^

The Nose to Tail Eating tagline surely caught my attention

The smoking area at the entrance.....

Complimentary starters~~

...that comes with soup~~

We started with Spanish Ham Platter as an appetizer. It's an assortment of Jamon Serrano & Jamon Iberico with a variety of chorizo sausages and condiments.

Paella...Valencian rice dish which tasted great!!

The glutton cam-whore~~

El Cerdo Sausage Platter....A variety of home-made sausages.....

The grand arrival of the piglet which is a MUST-EAT @ El Cerdo~~ Interestingly, the piglet has to be cut by a plate in order to prove its crispiness I supposed.....

Then, we proceeded with the plate-breaking tradition that apparently brings Good Luck^^ Of course,a wooden bucket is prepared for us to do the smashing.....I wondered how many plates they have to order every month to accommodate this.....That evening itself already saw countless plates smashed.....Nevertheless, we had great fun & laughter over it^^

Piglet~~I din't try much of this as I'm not that fond of suckling pig~~

A great happy family dinner^^ My family always made it a point to celebrate Daddy's & Mummy's Day & Birthdays~~~

My SUPER-adorable nephew^-^

Andreas Special "A Dream in Chocolate"....Vanilla ice cream, milk-chocolate mousse, chocolate crumble, bananas in passion fruit & pear in red wine~~~

Werner's Special...Fresh strawberry in mango sauce with chocolate mousse & wild raspberry sherbet~~~

I know it's only a blink of eyes and next thing we know, we are celebrating next year Papa's Day again but it's always touching to look back to our previous celebration photos and see how much each of us changed over the years with new members joining the family^^Truly wishes that we have many more of this kind of celebration down the road~~~