Sunday, April 18, 2010

Farewell at Vegipai, Taman Desa

My bunch of besties are cracking our head thinking of places to Farewell for our beloved Huey who is going back to Australia to pursue her dream of becoming Florence Nightingle after graduated from nursing~~ The most difficult part was she's a vegetarian and the rest of us being the carnivore, never really gave much attention to vegetarian restaurant. Luckily, upon recommendation by a friend, we managed to decide on a place that serves good vegetarian food at reasonable price as well as comfy setting. It's Vegipai located at Taman Desa.

Nice place for a bunch of gossip girls to shoot the breeze while filling up their stomachs in a healthy way^^

We ordered the Set Meal for 4/5 persons (RM59) which includes 5 different dishes.........

BFF~~ As usual, we're snapping away photos before the foods are served....

Nice backdrop~~ (Far right: Huey, the VIP~~)

#1 Vegetables In Special Green Curry

#2 Dry fruits & nuts fried with vegetable

#3 Starfruit fried with superior mushroom.... This is special cos I didn't know starfruit can be eaten as other than fruits~~

#4 "Dou fu" braised in black bean sauce

#5 Pumpkin fried green chili in special sauce

Brown rice (RM2)

Hawaiian Pizza (RM15.90)

Melaka rojak (RM7.50)

Another 2 of my ex-schoolmates made special guest appearances later^^

After a great dinner & refusing to bid farewell just yet, we hopped to the newly-opened Taipei Walker at Kuchai for another round of gossips & yamcha session. Few more of our friends made special appearances^^ Ever since graduation, it's rare chances we have a big gathering....Farewell gathering is one of the event that pull us together..haha....

Goodbye Huey!! Wishing you all the best in Australia and hope to cya soon^~^

37A, Jalan Desa Bakti,
Taman Desa,
Off Jalan Kelang Lama,
58100 KL.


  1. It's almost dinner time and looking at these food pics are making me hungry! Good stuff, Andrea!

  2. Thankz alot Alice for always supporting my blog^^

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