Monday, July 26, 2010

Gemini 's Burfday Babies @ Jade Pot Dim Sum & Steamboat Restaurant, Old Klang RoaD

I'm supposed to blog about this post way back in May after celebrating 3 of my Gemini's colleagues' BirthDay~~~ Yeah, I know~~I'm lagging behind ^=^" Ok...Back to the celebration~~ This time around we had it at the newly-opened Jade Pot Dim Sum & Steamboat @ Old Klang Road...As the name suggested, they offer Dim Sum for breakfast&lunch and Steamboat for dinner~~There is another outlet at Desa Sri Hartamas as far as I knew....

Since it just opened its door, this restaurant was still brand new with real attentive staffs greeting us cordially at the entrance^~^

It opted for a classy contemporary Chinese decor unlike those traditional steamboat house....

I know, the food was real mouth-watering....hehehehe~~~

I like this cutie tea-pot, made the tea smells better!! Nah...I guess it's just that I'm a very visual person...^=^"

We opted for 2 different broths with 1 of them coming with YAMs!! My favourite~~ Both of it tastes refreshing!!

Ample of sauces&spices to choose from ^~^

We had chicken balls, meat balls, fish balls, crab balls etc etc etc~~

I guess they pay close attention to display 'cos this definitely expanded our appetite!!

With purchase of above RM150, we get a free CRAB!!

A HAPPY portrait^~^

1 of the Gemini's

Another joyous portrait~~

After much cam-whoring, we finally let the guys into our portrait~~hehehe..........

I would say the foods are good but it's quite pricey if u are looking for some affordable steamboat dining.....However, if u are looking for a good & cosy environment and don't mind spending a little bit more, you should give it a try^~^ By da way, it's located opposite The Pearl Point along Old Klang Road in the Newcom Club building~~

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sport's Day @ FRIM~~

Visiting Forest Research Institute Malaysia aka FRIM has been on my "To-Visit-Places" list since 2008 and I can finally tick the box for "DONE" this year!!! This is all thanks to my colleagues for coming up with this Sport's Day event^~^ I know visiting FRIM which was founded on 1929 is no amazing feat since I guess many peoples have visited this place but what a shame, I've never been there before^~^"

So on a fine Sunday morning, instead of being deep in slumber, we set off to FRIM to breathe some fresh air~~ They charged an entrance fee of RM1 per person & RM5 per car drive-in.

Spotted this very dingy wooden sign with "BUKIT FRIM" engraved on it~~~

My healthy bunch of colleagues^~^

One thing that we're advised in which we shouldn't miss is the Canopy Walkway which is suspended 30m off the ground spanning 200m...but what a shame again, we MISSED it!!!!! This was because we actually have to purchase a ticket to cross the canopy walkway but the ticket booth is in the very front entrance of FRIM but we're already half way up on the hill!!!!!!! Talk about FRUSTRATION~~~ Anyway, we still managed to make up for our disappointment by taking loads of pictures^~^

A board depicting the history of FRIM~~

User-friendly pathway~~


Looks steep from this angle~~Luckily we didn't slip........

Spotted this sign~"POKOK BERBAHAYA (MATI)".....My colleague & I were very curious with what kind of tree is that, how could it possibly caused death???????

Finally we made it down the hill^~^ What an enjoyable stroll!! There is a mini waterfall behind us with kids playing in the fresh water~~

I supposed for those nature lovers, this is a perfect place to spend your weekend^~^ Family can also have picnic at the waterfall area~~ It's a perfect place for a healthy stroll without being too strenuous~~~

After the trip, all of us were starving for FOOD!! Hence, we went to Kepong to satisfy our hunger pang~~ We're recommended to this famous BAK KUT TEH restaurant which I've forgotten its name since I was too hungry to bother at that time.....^~^"

Very yummy~~

At the end of the meal, we're all bloated!! All those workouts went to the drain!! *gulp*

After the hearty meal, off we went home to make up for the missing slumber~~~ Hahaha....what a healthy Sunday~~

Monday, July 5, 2010

Chalet @ Equtorial Hotel KL

According to our dearest Mr-Know-It-All Wikipedia, Chalet also called Swiss chalet is a type of building or house in the Alpine region made of wood. Knowing very well that visiting this beautiful land of Alps won't be happening anytime in the near future, a visit to Chalet at Equatorial Hotel would be the perfect substitution^~^This restaurant has been featured frequently on newspapers, magazines and of course dozen of blogs for serving up some simply awesome Swiss cuisine~~

Upon arrival, the entrance itself did gives me a sense of walking into a Swiss chalet~~

We walked into a very dim room....this also translates to lousy photos being taken for the rest of the evening...*sigh*

But hey, looking at all this pretty desserts greeting us at the doorway, I shouldn't really complained, right??

What the heck, I'm going to cam-whore even if it's a total eclipse!!!

Seriously, this place is so dark that I practically had to squint my eyes while reading the menu.......

Though I wouldn't mind squinting my eyes for the rest of the evening considering what a
charming ambiance this place possessed^~^

I love this wooden plates~~

Going against the darkness~~

For starters, we had Soupe à l'Oignon which tasted ohh-la-la....I love the strong onion tastes~~

The Crème de Champignons des Forêts aka Cream of Wild Forest Mushroom filled in a giant roll was perfectly CREAMY & YUMMY~~

Saumon "Bombay Saphire" ......Pan roasted Norwegian Salmon flamed with gin, vegetable and grilled asparagus in Cranberry cream sauce~~

Duo de Crevettes et Coquille Saint Jacques....Sautéed King Prawn and scallops~~

We're entertained by the in-house band with some lovely tunes from the Oldies~~~ How nice^~^

Something sour to flush down our food~~

What a marvellous dining experience~~~ Before leaving, I was presented with a rose complimentary of Chalet^~^ How lovely~~

More cam-whoring before leaving Equatorial Hotel with a happy happy stomach~~