Thursday, December 3, 2009


It's my BFF's birthday last weekend and we decided to go for Tokyo-g which is formerly known as Sushi Groove located at Sunway Pyramid^^ We've tried Sushi Groove b4 at 1U and were eager to find out how does it fare after the re-branding. Unlike other typical & conventional Japanese restaurants, Tokyo-g has a groovy & funky decor+ ambiance.

They are having promotion with Buy-3-plate of sushi FREE 1-plate of sushi^^

Tempura bento set~~

Their sushi doesnt tastes like conventional sushi either...However I find a few dishes rather spicy & would prefer to stick to conventional styles~~

A very fulfulling meal^^

A group photo^^ ChEERS~~~ to the Burfday gal!!!!!

To top it off, we're given a RM5 cash voucher upon entry^^ I would say it's worth a try....

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