Thursday, October 29, 2009

RenDezvous at Tamarind HiLL~~~

Cracking your head up thinking of where to go for romantic candlelight dinner with your SpeCial someone or finding the perfect place to pop the "Will you marry me??" question???? I would highly recommend this pretty restaurant nestled among the hills along Jalan Sultan Ismail in KL. I have heard a lot of good comments about it & was very eager to find out if it's up to it.

At the bottom of the hills.....

We were led into the restaurant by a series
of stairs lit up by sparkling oil lamps *Luvly^^*

Once we stepped into the little hideout, I was
enthralled by the well-decor interior and charming ambience^^
The waitresses was very prompt with their services &
we were quickly seated in the non-smoking area.

However, being a greedy being, I requested to be
seated in the smoking area NOT because I smoke,
but the ambience is far more better on the outdoor
though it's a bit warm on that evening^^

Comfy cushion seats.....

They have received good reviews on their foods.
So i was waiting anxiously for the foods to be served.......
It's good but maybe i put too high expectation.
However, I like the asparagus in particular...

After the dinner, we decided to check out the newly
opened on 09.09.09, "Neo Global Tapas & Luxe Lounge"
which is situated next door to TamARind Hill.
The entrance itself caught my attention~~

Classy dining hall~~~

I was lucky enough to catch some POLE DANCE
actions as they were having the audition for POle Idol
pole dance competition. Watching the contestants twist &turn
their body gracefully around the pole was simple amazing!!!

Seriously, imagined the amount of hard works
they have put into performing all this stunts~~SALUT!!


  1. Wow, wish to take a stroll there minus the eating hehehe. lucky u! I have never watched people pole -dancing except on the utube. been always admiring their flexibility.

  2. Haha.... u should try the food there leh considering u work in the F&B industry....Yeah, salute to those pole dancers!!