Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nihon Kai

I was shocked when I read about this place from some foodies who apparently have nothing to say except great praises for this Japanese Restaurant, Nihon Kai which is located along Old Klang Road. I mean how could I never know about this restaurant after paving this road for countless times?????? Could I be that oblivious???However, after visiting this place, I realized it's not that I'm oblivious to the surrounding, it's just that it's tucked at the end of a row of shops that is NOT facing the main road.

Nevertheless, despite its location, it still managed to draw a huge crowds which signify real G~o~o~D food I assumed....I was warned that this place is usually packed especially on a weekend so it's advisable if you made booking prior to your visit.....Luckily, I went early on a Friday evening so we still managed to get a table without reservation but the tables were quickly filled up!!!!!

My expectation shoot to the Moon while waiting for the food to be served~~

Even though it occupied 2-storeys, I find the place rather un-spacious with tables neatly arranged next to each other.....We can actually eavesdrop the conversation going on at the next table but hey, being a virtuous being, I steered clear from it!! Well, my mind is more focused on the FOOD!!!!

Highly recommended by the waitress~~Shake Sashimi Salada~~(RM15).....I love this^~^ It's highly recommended by me too!!

Nihon Kai Maki~~(RM16)

Nabeyaki Udon~~(RM15)

Teppanyaki Beef~~(RM23)~~~The tender beef is great!!

Ohhh~~ I'm so hungry while blogging about all this food!!!

#Lunch : 12-3pm
Dinner: 6-10pm

No. 4-2 Jln Telok Gadong,
Off Old Klang Road,
58100 KL.

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  1. I also didn't know about this place until now. Thanks for highlighting it! It looks like a good place to dine. I'm sure my friends who love Japanese food would appreciate this.