Monday, July 26, 2010

Gemini 's Burfday Babies @ Jade Pot Dim Sum & Steamboat Restaurant, Old Klang RoaD

I'm supposed to blog about this post way back in May after celebrating 3 of my Gemini's colleagues' BirthDay~~~ Yeah, I know~~I'm lagging behind ^=^" Ok...Back to the celebration~~ This time around we had it at the newly-opened Jade Pot Dim Sum & Steamboat @ Old Klang Road...As the name suggested, they offer Dim Sum for breakfast&lunch and Steamboat for dinner~~There is another outlet at Desa Sri Hartamas as far as I knew....

Since it just opened its door, this restaurant was still brand new with real attentive staffs greeting us cordially at the entrance^~^

It opted for a classy contemporary Chinese decor unlike those traditional steamboat house....

I know, the food was real mouth-watering....hehehehe~~~

I like this cutie tea-pot, made the tea smells better!! Nah...I guess it's just that I'm a very visual person...^=^"

We opted for 2 different broths with 1 of them coming with YAMs!! My favourite~~ Both of it tastes refreshing!!

Ample of sauces&spices to choose from ^~^

We had chicken balls, meat balls, fish balls, crab balls etc etc etc~~

I guess they pay close attention to display 'cos this definitely expanded our appetite!!

With purchase of above RM150, we get a free CRAB!!

A HAPPY portrait^~^

1 of the Gemini's

Another joyous portrait~~

After much cam-whoring, we finally let the guys into our portrait~~hehehe..........

I would say the foods are good but it's quite pricey if u are looking for some affordable steamboat dining.....However, if u are looking for a good & cosy environment and don't mind spending a little bit more, you should give it a try^~^ By da way, it's located opposite The Pearl Point along Old Klang Road in the Newcom Club building~~

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  1. Very nice! I am not a big fan of steamboat but I do like it especially in outings with friends. :)