Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Marco's Pizza

I've been passing by this Marco's Pizza for years while traveling the LDP but never have the chance to try it out. So when my folks suggested we go to the Pizza Hut for dinner, I instinctively blurted out "Why not I bring u guys to try another pizza house??".... So off we went all the way to Marco's PIzza at PJ...Hurray!!

For starter, we ordered garlic bread (RM7.80)..

Ai Formaggi@ Pizza with cheese(RM18.80)

Angle Hair Gambe (M26.80)...My mum who apparently is a spaghetti lover adores this dish...

No 81-85, Jalan 25/2,
Taman Bukit Emas,
47301 PJ.
Tel: 03-78035000


  1. Marco's is really near my place but I've never been there. Maybe I should give it a try some day.

  2. finally my comment is up! hehe :)

  3. Alice: U live at PJ which part??

    Adeline: Hahaha.....why?? U try many times??I wondered wat's wrong with my blog...hmmmmm