Saturday, June 12, 2010

Girls' NiGht Out @ G-Six Club

It's been AGES since I went clubbing!!! I felt rusty and begins to be covered by cobweb.....duhhh.... So when my colleagues suggested a Gals' Night Out, I dated my dancing diva bestie to join us at G-six Club!!! I quickly dug out and dusted off the killer stiletto that I've just bought but didn't have the chance to show it off yet^~^

As usual, Girls' Night = Camwhoring~~~~

We love the chameleon-effect lightning^~^





My pretty colleagues who often appeared on my blog^^

The interior is nice and spacious but there's not much peoples...I guess perhaps it's a Thursday....

One of my bestie from HIGH SCHOOL!! She's one of the coolest lass I've knowned^^ She can really ROCK the dancefloor~~

Trying to promote the liquors...hahaha.....

Hitting the DANCEFLOOR!!!

What a GREAT night out with the gurls^~^ Anticipating for the next clubbing soon~~