Saturday, November 28, 2009


Capsquare has been one of my favourite place to hangout lately due to its abundance of eateries & parking spaces. It's not jam-packed as the other happening places even on weekend. These are the two eateries that I've tried so far and I've vowed to return for more ^^

Malayas Bistro
After attending a burfday bash on a Saturday night, my collegues & I wanna head for a drink. After much debates, we decided Capsquare was the place and stumbled upon this quaint bistro. One word came to my mind when people mentioned about this place was good & friendly services. The captain was real nice & chatty.

Old-fashioned yet elegant.......

Great for a quiet drink & intimate chat with besties^^

As we're already very full, we ordered fruit juices to detox what we've eaten earlier.... however they have quite a wide selection for their menu & plenty of
alcoholic drinks to choose from.....I thought they only served Coffee at 1st since it looks like a Kopitiam to me...hehehe


Before movie on a Wednesday night @ TGV Capsquare, we quickly grabbed a quick dinner at this Thai restaurant which look cosy & the menu looks enticing^^

Comfy sofa seats~~~

We're the only patrons inside the restaurant as it was a quiet night......

And a couple seated outside.....

My favourite thai dish~~~Pineapple fried rice....Ohh la~la~

Tom-yam fried rice....Tastes good^^

The desserts look tempting but as we wanna save our stomach for popcorns later, we decided to pass this time around^^


  1. Capsquare is definitely stepping up in terms of F&B offering. Haven tried anything except for the 4 Seasons Bayswater Duck. Will give the rest a try. Nice blog by the way.

  2. Is it nice the 4seasons bayswater duck?? Tempted to go for Bayernhaus the next round.. Thanks, very encouraging for an amateur blogger like me^^