Monday, December 20, 2010

25th BuRfDay @ The Pearl of Asia Part II

On the final at Hong Kong, we headed to one of the must-visit place at HK which is "The Peak"!! Before reaching there, we passed by the infamous Bank of China Tower which according to feng shui, the sharp edges of the triangular prisms are bad for the surrounding buildings.

I just love the dense skyscrapers^^

I always marvel at tall buildings with avant-garde architecture~~

Boarding the peak tram to climb up to 396 metres above sea level^^

The famous Wax Museum in Hong Kong~~

So happy to find Bubba Gump here^^ I'm determined to pose with the famous Forrest Gump's shoes in every country that I'm going to visit *hopefully*!!! So far I only have 2 in my list^^

The Peak Tower which is an iconic architecture in HK~~~

At the Sky Terrace which offers 360-degree panoramic viewing platform^^ The view is stunning and breathtaking!!!

After descending The Peak, we went for some final shopping spree at The Landmark at Central& Pacific Place at Admiralty^^

I like this birdnest-like roof of the cafe~~

Before heading back to Malaysia, we still managed to grab a bite at the Hong Kong International Airport before we bid the vibrant city, BYE BYE~~~


  1. Pale, stale, strange looking food, in such a contrast to the chromatic vibrancy and zest of HK itself!

    But then airport food is by definition bland, though the best feijoada (bean stew) I ever had was before boarding a plane inside Barcelona's airport terminal :)