Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Annual Dinner @ Gu Yue Tien, Chulan Sq.

My company annual dinner was way back on February and I only managed to blog about it now since I'm always caught up with food posts...hehehe...The dinner was held at Gu Yue Tien which is a fine dining chinese restaurant at Chulan Square...Apparently the owner is one of my boss's brother~~

I'm anticipating the lucky draw session cos I heard the prizes this year is attractive....hehe...I was practising the power of mind from The Secret the whole evening*wink*

Some of my closest colleagues^^

Yup, my company have high QUALITY & QUANTITY of pretty gals~~P.S: Single guys out there, u might consider working in my company...hohoho.....

A bunch of lovely lass that I cheerish alot^^

The 1st dish during the CNY season is definitely "Yee Sang"!!! This dish is slightly different from the typical chinese yee sang ......Tasted more like western salad to me...haha

Tossed higher for a more prosperous & lucrative year!!!

Cheers to good health, wealth & abundance of happiness^^

This pork dish is a little odd to me since I'm not a real big fan of pork~~

The dessert tasted great!!

See, I told ya... I'm practically working in an ALL-FEMALE company!!

More snapshot of beauties~~

If you noticed, it's actually a wall with "sempoa"~~

These peoples are the reason I enjoyed going to work everyday^^

We're like children happily posing with the balloons...haha.....One of my collegue even brought it home for her son's birthday party and she actually tied this whole things to her car while driving all the way back to her home~~

Guess what....The power of mind works!!! I'm the 1st Grand Prize Winner!!! HURRAY^^ I bring home a full set of home theatre system...Yippie!!!


  1. Haha Looks like the power of d 'The Secret' sumhow works ^^ Btw,u look gorgeous dat nite !

  2. Sassy: Yup, it worked!!! Thanks alot^^

    Alice: Thanks alot gal^^