Monday, January 11, 2010


The other day my friends were asking me "Where is this place that you went that day??" My answer is "RAHSIA".....Funnily, they answered " Why so secretive??"....Haha, And I said "That place is really called Rahsia!!" Well, i don't blamed them, this fine restaurant do indeed has a catchy name. Rahsia is located at the secluded Jalan Damai where you can find many fine dining restaurants including The Basil Leaf. This place was practically deserted when I reached there.

This is the Tarmac area which leads us to the restaurant...

Their Terrace area which overlooks the garden.....

The dining hall which is not too spacious but very cosy setting........

We were the only patrons when we reached there~~

Perfect setting for a romantic candlelight dinner I would say~~

I noticed these massive accolades lining their walls...This SKY-ROCKETED my anticipation & expectation on the FOOD!!



Maintaining their reputation till 2006......

The upper level....

The patio area that can only accomodate a few tables....

Bar counter....

The special concoction that tastes yummy!! Asmara~~

Chicken Roulade........Though the portion is small, this dish is quite filling with tender poultry..

Tagliatelle Salmon..Very creamy & yummy^^

All in all, I would say this is a great place for special occasions, e.g: VaLentine's, Anniversary etc etc.....Lovely ambience with good food though the menu don't have too big of a variaties but then again, this's FINE Dining^^

Rahsia Restaurant & Bar
13, Jalan Damai,
55000 KL.


  1. I think I've seen Rahsia but have not dined there. Great stuff again!

  2. kinda sorry to hear that they're not drawing a crowd these days. the food here used to be really good, but the quality seems to have declined...